Plumb Safety: New Resource for PLM Customers: Streaming Safety Videos

We have long offered risk management and loss control resources to our insureds to help mitigate preventable losses—that is not going to change. Yet we can reach our customers and partners in more ways than ever. Gone are the days when we were limited to pamphlets and mailers. How we offer safety resources is evolving and growing with technology.

Recently, we added streaming safety training videos to our repertoire of loss control resources. Available through our partners at Mastery Technologies and Driver’s Alert, these videos provide a flexible, on-demand resource for training and educating your staff on critical safety topics.

We have made these resources available just to PLM customers. If you are interested in adopting these videos, contact your Loss Control Representative. They will help you create a video training plan for your business, beginning with identifying the areas in which your staff needs training. Our loss control staff—experienced in safety training and the wood business—will select courses that match your business needs.

To review the topics available in our video library, visit And don’t hesitate to reach out to your Loss Control Representative with any questions.