Distracted Driving-Phone

LifeSaver Mobile - Cell Phone Blocking and Monitoring

Distracted driving puts your employees and your business at risk.

We have all probably been guilty of a quick text message now and then while on the road. Although changing driving behavior is hard, not doing so poses a greater risk for at-fault collisions with outcomes that can range from personal liability to loss of business.

PLM, in partnership with LifeSaver Mobile, is pleased to offer our commercial clients a tool in the fight against phone-related distracted driving.

With LifeSaver Mobile, you’ll appreciate:

  • Easy-to-install mobile application that teaches new driving behavior, getting drivers home safely to their families

  • 10% preferred discounting for PLM policyholders

  • No hardware to purchase, install, or update

  • A personalized fleet dashboard that helps fleet managers identify problem and superior drivers

  • Flexibility to manage your LifeSaver account settings and view your company’s LifeSaver usage and compliance by individual or customizable groups, all through the fleet dashboard

How Do I Sign Up?

Click on “Sign Up” to complete the registration for a LifeSaver Driver Portal account and receive discounted pricing. For additional information, please contact LifeSaver Mobile at info@lifesaver-app.com or (833) DONT-TXT.

How does LifeSaver Mobile work?

The LifeSaver app runs silently in the background on your driver’s smartphone and automatically presents a visual block or reminder to avoid using the phone while the car is in motion. It also logs driver attempts to access the phone while driving, and scores drivers based on their level of distracted driving behavior. The app is dormant when not driving and uses the latest techniques to minimize battery consumption.

LifeSaver Driver Portal reporting options provide actionable insight about your fleet drivers’ mobile distraction. Fleet Managers can choose to view real-time driver compliance through LifeSaver’s fleet dashboard and/or receive daily reports delivered to your email inbox. When you use the results to reward safe practices or discourage poor practices, you encourage a distraction-free driving environment. Because the driver knows their phone use is being monitored and logged, they are far less likely to use their phones while driving. Time and time again, LifeSaver use has been shown to modify driving behavior.