PLM is pleased to offer our customers continuous MVR monitoring through Samba Safety, an industry leader in driver risk management. Continuous MVR monitoring goes a step ahead of simply pulling MVRs at one point in time by monitoring behavior in real time, so it can be addressed as soon as possible. There are many advantages of this service, including:

  • Identifying at-risk and unsafe drivers
  • Assessing individual driver performance
  • Reducing the frequency and, possibly, the severity and costs of accidents
  • Reducing legal vulnerability
  • Enforcing driver policies
  • Creating a culture of safety and excellence
  • Keeping communities safe
  • Protecting and even enhancing your company’s brand and reputation

Through this partnership, PLM is offsetting the costs by paying the one-time base enrollment fee for all customers who sign up, and Samba Safety is offering a 20 percent discount to PLM customers that purchase their services. The customer will be responsible for the monthly monitoring fee of $2.00 per driver per month (compare this to the average state single MVR fee of $9.50 per driver, as reported by Verisk).

Download these valuable driver risk resources: