PLM writes business on an “Open Brokerage” basis. Below are some submission requirements and guidelines to follow. This will allow us to give you the most competitive quote possible in a timely fashion.

  • Submissions should be submitted on standard Acord™ applications. The more complete the information is, the more customized and competitive your quote will be.
  • Include a complete description of the operation along with prior carrier and expiring premiums. The more detailed your submission is, the fewer questions we will have to ask and the quicker your quote will be processed.
  • You should also include a target premium for quoting.
  • Please provide us with a date that you need the quote by (need by date).
  • 3-5 year loss runs must be included.
  • Property submissions should include an adequate description of the property coverages requested including coinsurance, valuation basis, causes of losses, and deductibles. You should also include the construction, occupancy, protection class, year built, and square footage of all buildings. A statement of values should also be provided for every location.
  • A Business Income worksheet should be included when seeking limits over $300,000.
  • Inland Marine submissions should include an adequate description of each piece of equipment, including the make, model, year, serial number, and desired valuation method.
  • General Liability submissions should include the class and accurate up-to-date sales figures. You should also provide the identification of all additional named insureds as well as their relationship to the named insureds.
  • Automobile submissions must include a complete drivers list, VIN numbers, and full classification information. Please explain any unusual situations- i.e. youthful/elderly drivers, etc.
  • Please outline any driver hiring and training programs that might be in place.
  • Umbrella submissions should include the prospective insured’s underlying Workers’ Compensation carrier, policy number, effective date, and policy limits.
  • Include the name and phone number of a contact at the prospective insured to arrange a pre-binding inspection. If different from the loss control inspection contact, please also provide the contact information for the person who has final decision-making authority.

The submission should be sent via email to