Important Update: How We Handle New Business

As you may have read in our recent communications, we have changed our approach to handling new business. If you missed it, here’s what you need to know.

We remain committed to working closely with producers to seek, quote and bind new business. Over the past year, our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) have refocused their efforts so they are not spending a great deal of time pursuing accounts we are unlikely to write. As a result, our declinations increased to about 66.5 percent and our hit ratio rose to about 58 percent.

We believe the changes we are making to new business handling will help drive that hit ratio up at least 17 more points to 75 percent.

Key to improving our hit ratio is a complete submission with a full accounting of basic information. Going forward, we require a complete submission in order to guarantee the market.

We have asked our BDRs to focus their time on building relationships with current customers, and they are immersed in that task for the first half of 2019. Between BDRs and Loss Control Representatives, we will visit nearly all of our 5,000 customers before July. This means BDRs will not be as visible on the front side of the new business process.

However, BDRs will inspect all risks within 30 days of binding coverage and will maintain their current underwriting authority.

Our 2019 submission process for most accounts is as follows:

  • Send all submissions to
  • Completed Acord application
  • Complete Drivers List
  • Prior carrier Loss Runs for minimum 3 years
  • Target premiums
  • Digital photos of each building, inside and out, that match the statement of values

If you have a short fuse opportunity, follow the process above and answer these additional questions:

  • Why are they short fuse?
  • What has happened that this opportunity has come up so late in the game?
  • What is the true opportunity to secure the account?
  • What has to be accomplished to take advantage of that opportunity?

Please call our Underwriting Managers to discuss these submissions—their contact information is below:

Additionally, before submitting an account over $100,000, please contact one of the Underwriting Managers to outline the opportunity and describe what you are seeking. For both short fuse and large accounts, we are trying to create a more collaborative approach to considering, quoting and securing new business. We would like to be with you when you present the proposal to the insured.

In 2018, we topped $250,000,000 in written premium, retaining 90 percent of renewals and writing $244 million of new premium. With your help in implementing this new business approach, we anticipate even stronger results in 2019.