Insurance for Wood Products Businesses

What we write

PLM was created by lumbermen for lumbermen. For over a century, the company has provided specialized property and casualty insurance products for the lumber, woodworking, and building material industries.

Insurance for wood manufacturers and lumber yards

Below are some examples of the types of risks PLM writes:

Assembly Operations (Light Woodworking)
Barrel Manufacturing (Cooperage)
Basket Manufacturing
Bat Manufacturing
Bobbin Manufacturing
Box Assembly and Manufacturing
Brick and Block Manufacturing
Building Material Dealers (Retail/ Wholesale)
Cabinet and Case Goods Manufacturing
Carpentry Shops (Shop Only)
Casket/ Coffin Manufacturing
Crate Assembly and Manufacturing
Dimension Stock Manufacturing
Display and Exhibit Manufacturing
Door Assembly and Manufacturing
Dowel Manufacturing
Dry Kilns
Electrical Supply (Retail/ Wholesale)
Fence Manufacturing
Flooring Manufacturing
Furniture Manufacturing
Handle Manufacturing
Hardware Stores (Retail/ Wholesale)
Heating and Air Conditioning Supplies
Ladder Manufacturing (Excluding Products)
Laminated Wood Products
Landscape Suppliers
Lath Mills
Log Home Manufacturing
Lumber Yards (Retail/ Wholesale)

Masonry Products Manufacturing
Masonry Supplies (Retail/ Wholesale)
Millwork Manufacturing
Mobile/ Modular Home Manufacturing
Modular Closet Shelving Systems
Moulding Manufacturing
Musical Instruments Manufacturing (Wood Only)
Pallet Assembly and Manufacturing
Particleboard, Chipboard, Oriented Strand Board, and Fiberboard Manufacturing
Pattern Manufacturing
Planing Mills
Plumbing Supply (Retail/ Wholesale)
Plywood Manufacturing
Prefabricated Building Manufacturing
Shingle Mill
Stair Manufacturing
Stone Cutting and Polishing
Store Fixture Display Manufacturing
Truss Manufacturing (Wooden)
Veneer Mills
Window Assembly (Aluminum/ Vinyl/ Wood)
Wood Carving
Wood Drying Operations
Wood Novelties Manufacturing
Wood Products Manufacturing (NOC)
Wood Pulverizing
Wood Treating (Preservatives, Not Creosote; Property Only)
Wood Turning Shops
Woodworking Shops

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