Continuous Driver Record Monitoring

PLM is pleased to offer our customers continuous MVR monitoring through Samba Safety and iiX, industry leaders in driver risk management. Continuous MVR monitoring goes a step ahead of simply pulling MVRs at one point in time by monitoring behavior in real time, so it can be addressed as soon as possible. There are many advantages of this service, including:

  • Identifying at-risk and unsafe drivers
  • Assessing individual driver performance
  • Reducing the frequency and, possibly, the severity and costs of accidents
  • Reducing legal vulnerability
  • Enforcing driver policies
  • Creating a culture of safety and excellence
  • Keeping communities safe
  • Protecting and even enhancing your company’s brand and reputation

Through the Samba Safety partnership, PLM is offsetting the costs for Driver Risk Management Services by paying the one-time base enrollment fee for all customers* who sign up, and Samba Safety is offering a 20 percent discount to PLM customers that purchase their services. The customer will be responsible for the monthly monitoring fee of $1.60 per driver per month (compare this to the average state single MVR fee of $9.50 per driver, as reported by Verisk).


More information
Click the box below for more information on Samba, or you can call 916-288-6538 OR email, to learn how to sign up.

Download these valuable driver risk resources:

Through the iiX partnership, PLM is offsetting the costs for driver risk management services by paying for the account set up fee and the DriverSafe Plus fee for all clients who sign up with iiX.  Following is summary of the services offered by iiX through their ExpressNet web-based portal.

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs)

  • Quickly and easily order MVRs from any state
  • Complete state network connecting to all 51 jurisdictions
  • Interactive MVRs in all available states

DriverSafe® Plus
Driver storage plus reporting and analysis to help you evaluate the safety of your driver pool.

  • Real-time analysis based on MVR contents; provides an overview of your driver fleet
  • Graphs and interactive charts allow you to quickly identify potential problem areas to facilitate action to reduce liabilities and risk
  • Storage of prior MVR orders (5 years) for quick reference

DriverAdvisor® Monitoring

  • Monitor drivers for new MVR activity
  • Provides monthly email notifications regarding new violations or change in license status

Criminal background checks
CheckPlus Premium package is our most comprehensive criminal package and includes unlimited court searches based on address history discovered using SSN Verification and a multi-state index, nationwide sex offender registry, department of corrections and government sanctions search.

More information
iiX also provides additional services.  Call 800-299-7099 (option 2) OR email, for more information and learn how to sign up.

Download more information about iiX driver risk services: